Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dumbass Crashes McLaren 650S minutes after taking delivery

A motorist was left red-faced after crashing a £200,000 supercar just minutes after taking delivery of it. Neighbours saw the delighted new owner of a Mclaren 650S celebrating with a bottle of champagne as it was unloaded at his home.

But only moments later it was seen crashing into a tree on a nearby road in Hutton, Essex. Police are trying to trace a woman who approached the driver and passenger immediately after the crash to see if they were injured to help with their enquiries.
The McLaren 650S starts around £215,000.
The 2016 Gumball 3000 kicked off yesterday, and already it’s claimed its first victim. This poor and unsuspecting Gumpert Apollo found itself backwards in the grass, up against a tree, with a few pieces missing.

The Gumpert Apollo was in a convoy of cars worth more than £5m which was passing through Scotland en route to Bucharest in Romania.