Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spurned millionaire sues Ferrari after being told he can’t buy a LaFerrari Spider

85-year old supercar collector and multi-millionaire Preston Henn is suing Ferrari after missing out on the new limited edition LaFerrari Spider.

He is livid at the fact that the company deemed him “not qualified” to buy the Spider.
Ferrari is notoriously picky about who it will sell its most exclusive cars to, with owners expected to be able to produce a long list of past prancing pony purchases in order to prove themselves worthy. This shouldn’t have been an issue for Henn, who has owned 18 different Ferraris, including an F40, two Testarossas and even a Formula One car.

He also owns one of only three 275 GTB/C 6885 Speciale models, a car that may be the most valuable in the world. He also bought the hard-top version of the LaFerrari and upon learning about the convertible Spider, immediately placed an order with his local dealer only to be told his order was rejected.
Ferrari officials reportedly told him that he was “not qualified” for the purchase, even after he sent a $1m deposit directly to Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne. As a result, Henn is pursuing a defamation suit against Ferrari, claiming that the publication of the statement which claims he isn’t qualified to buy one harms his reputation.

It’s unclear exactly how much Henn is seeking for his hurt feelings.

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