Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta #210 - Update II

Coming as no surprise, Aperta # 210 made a whopping €8.3 million ($10 million) — the most ever from a 21st century vehicle. Twice the high estimate, at least 12 bidders fought it out. Proceeds will be donated to Save the Children, an international youth charity.
If you missed out on scoring any of the 209 Ferrari LaFerrari Apertas, worry not because the Prancing Pony is building a 210th model. The only tiny catch is that you will likely pay more than the reported price of $4 million for the roadsterized version of the LaFerrari.
The car will be sold at RM Sotheby’s Ferrari auction on September 9th to benefit charity.
RM Sotheby’s has a conservative estimate on the car between $3.5 million to $4.7 million, around the same amount that the 209 standard production models cost. The fact that there’s another one up for grabs should invite a bidding frenzy. The hundreds who felt they got the short end of the ferrari stick when the car was launched will now have the opportunity to get their very rich hands on one.
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